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Vault Solutions LLC Announces Compliance Accelerator De-duplication Filter

Vault Solutions LLC has released a patent-pending de-duplication filter for Symantec's Enterprise Vault which eliminates duplicate messages from the review cycle in Compliance Accelerator.

Symantec's Compliance Accelerator is used to review a sample of message to comply with various regulatory requirements. These messages are pulled from Exchange journal mailboxes. Depending on the configuration of Exchange and Enterprise Vault, it is very common for duplicate messages to appear in the Enterprise Vault Archive. For storage purposes, these are 'de-duplicated' by Enterprise Vault, but because each copy is indexed, duplicate copies often show up in the Compliance Accelerator review set.

The De-duplication filter announced today identifies these duplicate messages as they are journaled, and tags them in Enterprise Vault in such a way that Compliance Accelerator filters them out of the review set. This, along with the junk mail filter previously announced, provides Compliance officers with a much more relevant set of messages to review. As with the junk-mail filter, this filter does not require additional hardware, and is extremely efficient.

Vault Solutions LLC Announces general release of Compliance Accelerator Junk Mail Filter

Vault Solutions LLC announces the general release of it's innovating junk mail filter which provides an easy way to reduce the incidence of routine messages from the Compliance Accelerator review cycle.

Symantec's Compliance Accelerator product is used by companies large and small to allow compliance departments to review a sample of messages allowing companies to adhere to various regulatory requirements. Typically, the messages reviewed are a sample identified by a list of hotwords searched on. This can often identify message clearly not requiring review, such as newsletters.

This filter allows reviewers to easily identify such messages and have them tagged in such a way that they don't show up with further reviews.


  • Managed by Compliance personel
  • Low overhead
  • Requires no additional hardware
  • Includes Report showing number of messages filtered
  • Includes Filter Editor to enable/disable filters
  • Reviewers can add new filters directly from the Compliance Accelerator Review page
  • Works with all version of Compliance Accelerator since Version 7.0

Public Folder support added to Archive Accelerator

Vault Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Public Folder support to Archive Accelerator. This provides the ability to process Enterprise Vault short-cuts found in Public Folders, and insure that the archive content is properly accessible to those with access to the public folder. Please contact us for more information.