Outlook Add-in Module

Helping customers leverage the full functionality of Symantec Enterprise Vault Mailbox Archiving, our Outlook Add-In Module offers enhanced capabilities– from “Restore/Delete” and “PST Automatic Short-Cut Restore” to “PST Search and Restore” to “PST Inventory”.

Running in the background and permitting users to simultaneously work while the solution processes short-cuts, the Add-In supports Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 – as well as Windows XP/Vista/7. Key features and functionality include:

  • Restore/Delete

    Provides easy to use and robust technology to help users restore individual mailbox items or entire folders within Enterprise Vault shortcuts in Outlook. The process includes restoration of originals to users’ mailboxes, which are then deleted from Enterprise Vault. This plays an extremely important role when dealing with document management systems such as HP WorkSite to ensure only one copy of the item exists.

  • PST Automatic Short-Cut Restore

    It’s regular business practice to move archived items to a PST file. Users are under the misperception they needn’t worry about items being expired from the archive. However, once an item expires from the archive, the PST short-cut will remain – but archived copy will not. Our Outlook Add-In can detect the removal or copying of short-cuts to a PST file. The software automatically restores these items from Symantec Enterprise Vault by connecting directly to the system without wasting resources on the Exchange Server.

  • PST Search and Restore

    Users are often faced with a flood of short-cuts in their PST files, making search and restoration an extremely challenging process. Our Search and Restore feature finds existing short-cuts in the PST files attached to a user’s profile and replaces the short-cuts with the original items.

  • PST Inventory

    Our solution empowers administrators to use the power of Archive Accelerator to view a list of all PST files with a count of the number of short-cuts in each. The solution provides valuable insight to determine the number of PST files within the organization.

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