Virtual Vault Monitor

This solution is specifically designed to leverage Symantec’s ability to address the problem of too much data in a user’s mailbox.

Virtual Vault creates a local copy of each user’s vault on their desktop. It then allows items to be dragged from individual mailboxes into the Virtual Vault – conducting a synchronization process to align these items with Enterprise Vault Server.

We’ve developed a unique solution to monitor and alert users/administrators of synchronization issues, which can make data vulnerable. The solution is comprised of an “Outlook Add-In” pushed to clients, a central database to track virtual vault status, and unified management console to handle potential issues in real-time. The add-in monitors the number of items not yet synchronized – as well as the age of each item. This information is then forwarded to the server for monitoring by IT personnel. The system also tracks the number and age of unsynchronized items to keep them within configurable range.

With Virtual Vault Monitor, we’re truly taking the power of Enterprise Vault one step further!