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Archive Accelerator for NFS

Symantec’s Enterprise Vault is the worldwide leader in Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).  Now, Vault Solutions LLC enhances the Enterprise Vault product set by bringing the ability to manage data on NFS (Network File System) storage systems much like Enterprise Vault’s FSA (File System Archiving) manages data on Windows based NTFS file system.

Archive Accelerator for NFS can be used for both E-Discovery and archiving of NFS accessible data.  It gives the option of archiving just the file system metadata, making it ideally suited for E-Discovery.


Archive Accelerator for NFS Archiving can be used for archiving of data stored on NFS accessible storage devices and moving it to lower cost storage connected to Enterprise Vault archiving servers.
The archived data is optionally replaced by short-cuts (soft links) which provide transparent access to the data from any NFS client. There is no need for special software or drivers to be installed on the client.

The archived data is fully searchable by any of the Enterprise Vault search methods, including Discovery Accelerator.


It is often necessary to know where the data is and who has access to it.  Archive Accelerator for NFS E-Discovery can scan selected NFS mount points and bring in just the metadata of files and directories.  It can record information such as file or directory location, name, owner and last modified date.  This information is fully indexed with Enterprise Vault and searchable by any of the Enterprise Vault Search methods, including Discovery Accelerator (and in the future Clearwell).

The following metadata can be stored, indexed, and searched by Enterprise Vault using Archive Accelerator for NFS E-Discovery:

  • Server
  • Full NFS path
  • Mode protection bits
  • File Owner
  • File Group
  • Last Accessed date/time
  • Create date/time
  • Modification date/time
  • Size
  • IsSymbolic (True if symbolic link)
  • IsDir (True if directory)
  • Absolute or relative path to target file or directory if symbolic link


Archive Accelerator for NFS is typically installed on the server which hosts the Enterprise Vault Storage service,  although this is not a requirement.  It can be installed on any Microsoft Windows server that hosts Enterprise Vault.

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