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Archive Accelerator Restore

There is sometimes the need to restore messages back to a user's mailbox in Enterprise Vault, for example when moving a user from one physical location to another, or when moving a user away from Enterprise Vault, perhaps as part of an enterprise reorganization. While there is a restore feature built into Enterprise Vault which works by restoring all items in a user's archive back to the user's mailbox,  that could mean moving messages back for which the user deleted the short-cut, putting unwanted message back in the mailbox. In versions of Enterprise Vault prior to version 8, the built-in restore will not take into consideration that the user may have moved short-cuts since items were archived.  In this case, the items would be restored to the wrong folder. Even for newer version of Enterprise Vault, any short-cut that has been moved will result in a duplicate short-cut in the mailbox after a restore using the built-in functionality.

Vault Solutions' Archive Accelerator Mailbox Restore module brings items back to users' mailboxes based on the short-cuts that currently exist resulting in a much cleaner restore that will not leave duplicates. The feature provides an un-attended mode which will restore multiple mailboxes on a schedule, such as in the evenings, or on weekends. 

Exchange 2010 Migration

Enterprise Vault Restore is the perfect solution for current customers of Enterprise Vault who want to migrate to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 archiving feature. It can restore messages either before or after a mailbox has been migrated. Vault Solutions LLC has extensive experience with email archive migrations.

See our FAQ on migrating your archive to Exchange 2010.Features

  • Restores items from short-cuts 
  • Runs as a services, restoring multiple mailboxes simultaneously in the background 
  • Optionally deletes originals from Enterprise Vault 
  • Only restores items the user has left shortcuts for, or all items in the vault if desired. 
  • Restores items to the current location of the short-cut, rather than the location the item was original archived from. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with Vault Solution LLC's Outlook Add-in Module to migrate data from Enterprise Vault to Microsoft's Exchange 2010 Archiving feature.
  • Supports Exchange 2010 CAS arrays
  • Supports Exchange 2010 Database Availability Groups (DAGs)

The restore process is managed by the administrator through a Management Console interface.  The process is multi-threaded and can be scheduled to run during off hours.

Vault Solutions recommends that if restoring items to a user's mailbox, customers should also consider that users may have short-cuts in their PST files.  While most customers don't condone the use of PST files, especially if an archiving system is in place, quite often users do have PST files, and in most cases, they have short-cuts in them.  In this case, our Outlook Add-in can be used to identify who has PST files, how many short-cuts are in them, and to automatically have the short-cuts restored in the backgrounds without user intervention.


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