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Compliance Accelerator Junk Mail Filter

When reviewing message using Symantec's Compliance Accelerator product, it is important to narrow in on the most relevant messages.  Often, routine 'junk mail' messages show up in the review list.  Vault Solutions has developed an innovative, easy to manage way to filter out these routine messages.  This filter allows the reviewers to decide when a message, such as a newsletter from a financial news organization, represents a typical message that does not need to be reviewed in the future.  No IT involvement is required in managing which messages are filtered.


  • Managed by Compliance personel (No IT required to manage filters)
  • Low overhead
  • Requires no additional hardware
  • Report shows number of messages filtered
  • Supports Compliance Accelerator Version 7.0, 2007, 8, 9 and 10

 Video Demonstration

Please click on the image below for a quick on-line demonstration of the product.


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