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Enterprise Vault Centera Reprocess

Many customers, especially large enterprises, use EMC Centera™ to store information archived with Symantec’s Enterprise Vault.  Enterprise Vault was one of the first applications to add native support for Centera, and has one of the best integrations even today.

Now that more customers are starting to put expiration policies in place to start expiring data, some are running into a need to change the retention on items stored on the Centera if they had set Enterprise Vault to set the Centera retention period from the Enterprise Vault Retention Category period, as in the following screen: 

Changing the retention on these items can be a problem if the Centera is in Governance mode, or is a Compliance Plus model and there is a desire to change the retention period of the Enterprise Vault Retention Category.  For example, if the Retention Category had a period of ‘forever’, the items may be set with a retention period on the Centera such that Enterprise Vault will not be able to expire the information, even if the retention period was changed.

Vault Solutions has developed an application that solves this problem for users of Centera which are in Governance Mode.  The application, called the Archive Accelerator Centera Retention Reprocess application, uses the EMC Centera privileged delete feature to change the retention of the items already put on the Centera.  This is done in such a way that the data does not need to be re-archived or re-indexed by Enterprise Vault, and does not need to be transferred on or off the Centera.  This allows for real-world re-process rates (assuming ‘containers’ are enabled) of over 26 million messages per day.

The application is easy to install and configure and can run from any account that has appropriate rights to the Centera and Enterprise Vault.