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Enterprise Vault Duplicate Mail Filter

The Duplicate Mail Filter for Symantec's Enterprise Vault eliminates duplicate messages from the review cycle in Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator.

Symantec's Compliance Accelerator is used to review a sample of message to comply with various regulatory requirements. These messages are pulled from Exchange journal mailboxes. Depending on the configuration of Exchange and Enterprise Vault, it is very common for duplicate messages to appear in the Enterprise Vault Archive.  For storage purposes, these are 'de-duplicated' by Enterprise Vault, but because each copy is indexed, duplicate copies often show up in the Compliance Accelerator review set.  This also happens with Discovery Accelerator.

The Duplicate Mail Filter identifies these duplicate messages as they are journaled and tags them in Enterprise Vault in such a way that they are filtered out of the review set. This, along with the junk mail filter, provides reviewers with a much more relevant set of messages to review. As with the junk-mail filter, this filter does not require additional hardware, and is extremely efficient.

A report is provided showing the percent of duplicate messages filtered per server.

Duplicate Mail Filter Report

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