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Enterprise Vault End User Search and Restore

For years, Enterprise Vault customers have been asking for a way to allow end users to search for and restore messages on their own, without involving the IT department.  Vault Solutions LLC is proud to be the first to bring this capability to market.

With Vault Solutions Enterprise Vault End User Search and Restore, users can search the journal archives in a secure way that restricts them to only seeing messages they have sent or received.  They can see all of their messages, even ones they've deleted from their mailbox and recent messages that have yet to be archived by mailbox archiving.  This is done using proven technology which has been used by Symantec's Compliance Accelerator for years that restricts which messages a user can see in the journal archive based on their identity.  

Mailbox archiving is not required for this solution, but if it is enabled the tool can combine the results of the mailbox archive with the journal, giving the user one place to search all email whether it has been archived or not.  This can be useful if it is required to search for messages that were sent before journaling was turned on.

"The search product has truly bridged the gap to provide EmailXtender-type functionality to our users. Coming from an EX shop and migrating to EV, many of our users were reliant on searching the journal archive. The search product does a fantastic job of providing that functionality to a subset of our users and has definitely enhanced the user experience." PAETEC


The End User Restore web page provides a simple, intuitive search interface that allows users to search messages based on content, date, recipients, etc.  All returned fields, such as from, recipients and subject are fully sortable.  Each message fits on a single line, and hovering over a field, such as the subject field, provides an expanded view of the data. This search uses Enterprise Vault's existing index.


Restoring an item can be done with a single click.  The item is then immediately restored to a sub-folder of the user's Restored Items folder in their mailbox.  The name of the sub-folder is automatically set to the date/time of the restore to make it easy for users to find their messages in the mailbox.


The product uses a number of techniques to insure optimal performance, including caching and multi-threading.


  • Gives users ability to search all of their message
  • Does not required mailbox archiving
  • Can automatically detect which journal archives to search
  • Provides end-user ability to restore missing messages
  • Messages can be viewed instantly in a preview panel
  • User can search other mailboxes if given full access via Active Directory or Exchange Manager
  • Based on Microsoft Silverlight
  • Simple installation and configuration



End User Search and Restore Data Sheet

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