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Orphaned Items Processing

The problem:

For some companies it is imperative to maintain only that data within Enterprise Vault which has corresponding short-cuts in user mailboxes. This might be desired for legal reasons or for minimizing storage costs.

Why are there items in the vault that don't have shortcuts:

1) Short-cuts were deleted in an earlier version of Enterprise Vault that did not automatically delete the items from the archive.
2) There was a problem with Enterprise Vault at the time the short-cut was deleted.
3) The user was off-line at the time the short-cut was deleted.

The solution:

Orphaned Items

Vault Solutions has developed an Orphaned-Items processing feature to its flagship Archive Accelerator product.

Orphaned Items processing runs as a service on the existing Enterprise Vault mailbox archiving server. Looking at both the short-cuts in the mailbox and the items in the users archive, it determines which items are orphaned. It processes these items so they show up in Archive Explorer under the Orphaned Items folder with a new Orphaned Items retention category. By setting the expiration time of this retention category for example, to 30 days, it gives the end-user 30 days to review the messages identified as orphaned items. The user can potentially restore those items they wish to keep. Items not restored will expire in Enterprise Vault in 30 days.



Reports are generated that show the number of items found In Enterprise Vault and the percentage identified as orphaned. This product can also run in report only mode to simply identify the number of items in the archive which have the potential of being tagged as an orphaned item, without actually modifying their retention category.



Orphaned Items Processing Datasheet