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Outlook Add-in Module

The Vault Solutions Outlook Add-in provides these important features for users of Symantec's Enterprise Vault Mailbox Archiving product:

  1. Restore/Delete
  2. PST Automatic Short-cut Restore
  3. PST Search and Restore
  4. PST Inventory


Restore/Delete is designed to provide an easy robust way for users to restore individual items, or entire folders of Enterprise Vault shortcuts in Outlook such that the originals are restored to the users' mailboxes, and deleted from the Enterprise Vault.  This is important when users need full control on how many copies of their items exist.  Law firms in particular often need to insure that if they delete an item from their mailbox, or move it to a PST file, or some other device, there isn’t a copy lingering in their archive.

This is ideal for law firms who would like to allow their users to restore items so they may be moved to other repositories, such as Documentum.

PST Automatic Short-Cut Restore

Customers will often move archived items to their PST file, thinking these items will always be available to them, and they won't need to worry about the items being expired in the archive.  In fact, once the item is expired in the Archive, the short-cut in the PST file will still be there, but the archived item will not.

Vault Solutions' Outlook Add-in will detect when short-cuts are moved or copied to a PST file and automatically restore the items from Enterprise Vault.  It does this by connecting directly to Enterprise Vault without using any resources on the Exchange server.  In fact, some customers use this feature to provide a way for users to restore items from Enterprise Vault without growing their inbox or adding additional strain to the Exchange server.

PST Search and Restore

Over time, users may find they have a lot of short-cuts in their PST files (if they haven't been using this Outlook Add-in).  The Search and Restore feature of the add-in will search for existing short-cuts in the PST files attached to the users profile and optionally restore all items it finds short-cuts for (if the items have not yet been expired or deleted from Enterprise Vault).

PST Inventory

The Administrator can use Archive Accelerator to see a list of all users' PST files, along with how many short-cuts are in each.  This can be a valuable tool to understand how many short-cuts the users have in their PST file, or simply to understand how many PST files are in an organization.



 This Add-in has the following features:

  • Runs in the background allowing users to do other work while the add-in processes short-cuts.
  • Supports Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010
  • Support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Central inventory of PST files on user desktops

Outlook Add-in Datasheet

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