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Virtual Vault Monitor

Traditionally, Symantec’s Enterprise Vault would leave short-cuts for archived items in a user’s mailbox.  However, these short-cuts, though much smaller than the original messages, still take room in Exchange and over time, can slow Outlook down if there are too many items in a user’s mailbox.  In Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP2, Symantec introduced a major new feature called Virtual Vault to mitigate the problem of too much data in a user’s mailbox.

Virtual Vault provides a local copy of the user's vault on their desktop.  It allows the user to drag items from their mailbox into the Virtual Vault, and provides a synchronization process to synchronize these items with the Enterprise Vault server so the items are put into the archive.

It is obviously very important that this synchronization take place or data which the user dragged into the Virtual Vault may become vulnerable.

Vault Solutions has developed a system to monitor the health of the Virtual Vaults and alert both the end user and the IT administrator in the event that there is a synchronization issue.

This solution is comprised of an Outlook Add-in which is pushed out to the clients, a central database to keep track of the status of the virtual vaults, and a management console for the IT personnel to monitor for issues.

The Outlook Add-in monitors how many items have not been synchronized and the age of the oldest item that has not been synchronized.  It periodically sends this information to the server so the IT personnel can monitor the health of all virtual vaults via a management console, as in this example:


In addition, if either the number of un-synchronized items or the age of the oldest un-synchronized item falls out of a configurable range, the user is alerted to contact their help desk to have the issue resolved.

The Virtual Vault Monitor is an invaluable application for any organization wanting to deploy Symantec’s Virtual Vault technology.