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Partnering with Vault Solutions LLC

Vault Solutions is the perfect partner for Information Technology resellers.

  • 40%-100% Annual growth for the last 5 years
  • The most experience software company when it comes to Enterprise Vault
  • An agile company that will work with customers/resellers for custom solutions

Experience is key.

Email archiving is a booming industry right now. With all of the products out there, it can be hard to navigate at times.Vault Solution’s founder David Ouellette has been working with Enterprise Vault since it was in beta at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1998, where he worked with the Product Management Team. He joined kVault Software LLC (KVS) in 2000 as their Technical Director of North America, and later worked on the Product Management team for Enterprise Vault at KVS, Veritas and Symantec before founding Vault Solutions LLC in 2006. Use his experience to your company’s benefit, contact us and become a partner of Vault Solutions LLC today!

Our Existing Partners


We are pleased to have these outstanding resellers in the Vault Solutions Family:

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Technology Partners

Our affiliations illustrate our commitment to the quality of our software and services:

Vault Solutions is a member of the Symantec Technology Enabled Program.

Vault Solutions has partnered with AVST to provide a Voice Mail archiving solution for their CallXpress™ customers.

We are also a member of TSAnet, which assures customers that any support issues will be handled seamlessly between Vault Solutions and Symantec.