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orphaned Items processing

Whether for legal reasons or as part of a larger effort to reduce storage costs, some companies want to maintain only Enterprise Vault data that corresponds to shortcuts in a user’s mailbox. Unfortunately, not every item within Enterprise Vault has a shortcut. Whether deleted in an earlier version or the user was off-line upon deletion – orphaned items are significant issues within Enterprise Vault.

Orphaned Items Processing Solution runs as a service on existing Enterprise Vault version 8 through 11 mailbox archiving servers. The offering reviews both shortcuts in the mailbox and archive, and then processes them to appear in Archive Explorer in a new “Orphaned Items” folder and retention category. By setting a new expiration, users gain extra time to review and potentially restore these items.

The solution is backed by a powerful reporting engine that charts the number of items in Enterprise Vault and the percentage orphaned. It can also be run in “report-only” mode to identify archived items having the potential of being tagged as “orphaned” without actually modifying the category.