Backing our comprehensive product portfolio is a vast array of services – aimed at helping fuel your business via the power of Enterprise Vault. These services raise the discussion beyond technology, bringing performance and your business into focus.

Our deep services portfolio includes:

Discovery Accelerator Services

If you’ve already implemented a discovery request via Discovery Accelerator within the Enterprise Vault environment, we’re here to make the process less stressful and more efficient. Our team is able to construct Discovery Accelerator custom reports to meet your unique needs, or leverage the Discovery Accelerator API for creation of unique integrations.

Compliance Accelerator Services

We’re able to help you understand the best ways to use Compliance Accelerator for regulatory purposes. Our team has worked alongside the world’s largest Accelerator customers to ensure the product is being used to its full potential. We can also develop custom filters – preventing unwanted items from appearing in the review list.

Our company has created unique tools to automatically import department/reviewer information from other compliance products – such as CA Message Manager. This drastically reduces the length of transition time.

Veritas Partner Services

Vault Solutions has designed unique custom integrations for Veritas Partners looking to launch products with a tight integration to Enterprise Vault.

Enterprise Vault Custom Services

As a valued STEP partner, we offer customers unique software solutions with an ability to integrate with all versions of Enterprise Vault – beginning with V6 SP3. We deliver powerful solutions for end-customers, as well as to Veritas partners hoping to leverage the vast amount of data stored in the archives.