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A data management solutions provider for Veritas Enterprise Vault™ and Microsoft 365 users worldwide.

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As a Veritas Technology Enabled Partner,
Vault Solutions provides custom software solutions
that integrate with all versions of Enterprise Vault
starting with Enterprise Vault V6.0 SP3.

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It is estimated that more than 80 percent of all business data falls into the category known as “Unstructured Data”

That is, information that is difficult to manage because it doesn’t fit the traditional database model.

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Vault Solutions has more than 30 years of expertise in implementing data management solutions for Veritas Enterprise Vault™ users around the globe. One of the market's most powerful enterprise solutions for email and content archiving - Veritas Enterprise Vault™ -  enables users to fully manage, store, and discover the value of unstructured data.

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Backing our comprehensive product portfolio are data services aimed at helping power better information governance. Vault Solutions monitors and manages the process, and provides full reports to relevant stakeholders, such as IT, compliance or legal — for when you prefer to have our experts do it all.

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At Vault Solutions, we realize partnerships are a critical piece of your business' success. We've worked hard to develop programs that boast some of the top resellers and technology partners in the business

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