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Did you install your Enterprise Vault system years ago? Before you made decisions about how long to keep your data? Or when and how to expire it? Now what?

Many companies are finally getting to the point where they’ve been through legal and compliance reviews and established a policy that actually suits their business needs. When it comes to analyzing and implementing that policy, there may be some discrepancies in their data archiving and compliance policies to address.

For example, the existing retention may or may not be set to what their new policy dictates. But making those changes isn’t always easy. Vault Solutions has developed a number of products over the years as we’ve worked with some of the largest Enterprise Vault customers to fill the gap in their ability to implement their retention policy.  Oftentimes, their needs are slightly different than the needs of other companies we’ve worked with.  We’re always willing to refine or enhance our products to accommodate.

Products: Policy Manager