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GDPR took effect on May 25, 2018. Many companies scrambled to ensure that they were compliant with these new and strict regulations. We talk more about GDPR and its penalties here, GDPR: It's Time to Know What You Don't Know.

The purpose of this regulation and its strict penalties is to create the consistent protection of data across the EU member nations. It creates a baseline of standards for companies to safeguard the processing of personal data and frees the member states from having to draft their own compliance laws; minimizing the risk of inconsistencies across borders.

GDPR is not only for companies physically located in the EU nations. It is also for businesses and organizations that market goods or services to EU residents, regardless of where they are located. Hence the global interest in this new law taking effect.

Vault Solutions has a number of products that can help ensure your processes and data are compliant. We've listed them here in our GDPR Toolkit Solution so they're easy for you to identify.

Centera Retention Manager: Specifically addresses Article 17 - The Right to be Forgotten.

As more customers begin to implement policies to expire data, there’s an accompanying need to change Centera-stored retention items – as Enterprise Vault was used to set the Centera retention period.

Changing item retention can create a range of challenges. This is especially true if Centera is in Governance mode or is a Compliance-Plus Model with a need to alter the retention period of the Enterprise Vault retention category.

This application is specifically designed to address Centera users in Governance mode. Archive Accelerator Centera Retention Manager leverages the EMC Centera Privileged Delete option to change retention of items on Centera.

Archive Accelerator Export and Enterprise Export: Specifically addresses Article 20 - The Right to Data Portability

Our Archive Accelerator Export and Enterprise Export products provide fast and highly robust mass export of data from Enterprise Vault. Data can be exported for third-party analysis, taken offline for long-term archival, preserved in a non-proprietary format, or migrated to a separate archive. Data is exported along with key attributes and then stored in XML format. As a multi-threaded process, export can scale to support billions of unique items.

With Archive Accelerator Enterprise Export, you’re experiencing software built for speed and performance. Using multiple servers, one of our customers exported 2.1 million items per hour. They finished their project in 25% of the time allocated!

Orphaned Items Processing:

When decluttering your mailbox, you might want to delete messages designated as Enterprise Vault shortcuts. What is often overlooked, is that even though you delete the shortcut from your mailbox, the archived message could still be in the Enterprise Vault archive.

With GDPR it is important that you don’t have these items lingering in your Enterprise Vault archives. Orphaned Items Processing allows you to identify and delete those items.

It is more critical than ever to ensure you don’t have Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) data lingering in your environment. For more information see Data Growth: Get Rid of the ROT.