Enterprise Export: Taking Your Data to the Next Level

Vault Solutions has been migrating your critical data for over 8 years, always striving to improve performance and exceed your expectations.

After iteration upon iteration, we decided to rebuild our Export product, Archive Accelerator Export, from the ground up to best serve you, our customers. We re-wrote the way we export from VeritasTM Enterprise Vault, taking into consideration all that we’ve learned over the years, and the results are incredible.

With Archive Accelerator Enterprise Export, you’re experiencing software built for speed and performance. Using multiple servers, one customer exported 2.1 million items per hour, finishing their project in 25% of the already aggressive timeline they had set!

So much data, so little time!

This speed and performance is made possible by changing many aspects of the way data is exported, including in-memory processing and a 64-bit architecture. Your data is compressed, encrypted, and stored for a safe, secure, and wildly efficient export!