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Restore - easy seamless efficientMoving users from one physical location to another…Moving users off Enterprise Vault as part of enterprise reorganization. These scenarios create the unique challenge of restoring messages to user mailboxes from Enterprise Vault.

A “restore” feature is built into Enterprise Vault—it moves all archived items back into the user’s mailbox. The unintended result could mean restoring messages with broken shortcuts or placing unwanted items back in the mailbox. This is even more problematic for Enterprise Vault versions prior to 8.0 – where built-in restore doesn’t account for moved shortcuts post-archive. This could mean data being restored to the wrong folder.

Our Archive Accelerator Restore reintroduces items into a user’s mailbox based on existing shortcuts – resulting in a cleaner restore with no duplicates. Our product offers an “Unattended” mode to restore multiple mailboxes automatically.

The Right Solution for Migrating from Enterprise Vault to Exchange Online Archives

With Archive Accelerator Restore, the process of restoring messages just got one step easier! The solution for migrating to the Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving feature – with the ability to restore messages either before or after mailbox migration.

Leveraging our solution, customers are empowered to:

  • Restore items from short-cuts
  • Run the solution as a service, restoring multiple mailboxes simultaneously in the background
  • Optionally restore only those items with shortcuts
  • Restore to current shortcut locations, rather than original archive locations
  • Leverage support of Exchange 2010 CAS Arrays
  • Leverage support of Exchange 2010 Database Availability Groups (DAGs)
  • Restore items to Exchange 2013
  • Restore items to Office 365, including Online Archive


Are you migrating more than 1,000 mailboxes? With Archive Accelerator Restore, features that make this easy and efficient are:

  • Installation on multiple servers
  • Ability to load-balance across those multiple servers
  • Running during off hours, around the clock, or anytime you choose via its scheduler.


With AA Restore, regardless of the size of your business or how many mailboxes you are looking to restore, you can take advantage of other standard features that make restoring secure and efficient.

Straight Through Processing (STP)
Full audit to enable Chain of Custody reporting
Easy retry of failed mailbox items

All restore processes are managed by the administrator via a Management Console – in a multi-threaded manner with the ability to schedule during off-hours.

The Right Solution for Migrating to Google Apps for Business

    Migrate directly from Enterprise Vault to Google Apps for Business with Restore.