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we do unstructured data

It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of all business data falls into the category known as “Unstructured Data”.

That is, information that is difficult to manage because it doesn’t fit the traditional database model. VERITAS Enterprise Vault™ continues to lead as one of the market’s most powerful solutions for e-mail and content archiving – enabling users to fully manage, store, and discover the value of this content.

For more than 18 years, the industry experts at Vault Solutions have been committed to helping you fully leverage everything these technology implementations have to offer. We’re a solution provider like none other and fully understand unstructured content and VERITAS Enterprise Vault technologies –inside and out. Now we’ve taken these leading solutions one step further.

From Search and Policy Manager to Enterprise Vault Import, we’re here to help you realize the full value of any implementation. That’s why hundreds of customers continue to rely on us for comprehensive products and services.

Are YOU ready to unlock the Vault? We’re here to help!