Archive Accelerator
Policy Manager

Manage your archived data to meet new compliance and government regulations, business rules, and more with Policy Manager.

Policy Manager gives you the flexibility to build searches based on metadata, allows you to implement new retention rules on previously archived data and remove data that should no longer be retained, and provides sub-second speed and responsiveness when filtering the data to be processed.

Policy Manager is used to filter billions of messages in Enterprise Vault with unparalleled speed and responsiveness.

Action can then be taken on the filtered data to help implement current compliance policies. For example, a new retention category can be set on filtered data. This new Retention Category is placed on items without the need to reindex the data in Enterprise Vault.

Policy Manager Screenshot

Before a user completes a re-classification or removal of data, report-only mode allows them to see what would happen when that action is taken.  Deleting data can be accomplished by setting a very short retention on the items. As part of the storage expiration process, Enterprise Vault will delete the items.

The product creates a ‘Catalog’ of all Enterprise Vault metadata and then uses an analytical data engine to enable sub-second response times for filtering. Employee metadata can be added to the Catalog to allow creating policies on employees from different business units, or different job titles.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility in building searches based on metadata.
  • Implement new retention rules on previously archived data.
  • Remove data that should no longer be retained.
  • Significant speed (sub-second) and responsiveness when filtering data to be processed.


With these capabilities at your fingertips, just imagine how Policy Manager can make managing your data easier and more seamless!