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Exchange Exporter

Manage your data from Exchange Online Mailboxes and Archives to stay in compliance with your retention policies.

Keep Your Data Where You Need It.

If Enterprise Vault is where you keep your data, you need ALL of your data there, and Exchange Exporter can bring it in from your Exchange Online mailboxes and archives. There are several reasons why you would use Exchange Exporter.

Use Cases

When someone leaves your organization, Exchange Exporter can take the data from their Exchange mailbox and bring it into Enterprise Vault for long-term data retention and e-Discovery purposes.

You can utilize the Enterprise Vault data governance and retention management capabilities for data archived from Exchange Online via Exchange Exporter.

In the event that you accidentally misconfigure Journaling in Exchange Online, Exchange Exporter can backfill your compliance and e-Discovery archive.

Not all applications that put data into mailboxes do so through the SMTP archiving process, including voicemail that puts voice messages directly into a mailbox. In this instance, an organization can use Exchange Exporter to retrieve the voicemails and bring them over to EV to maintain compliance.

The opportunity for savings
can be significant! Companies can retain a less expensive Exchange Online plan and allow for unlimited messages to be kept in Enterprise Vault.

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Key Features:

  • Pull data from Exchange Online mailboxes and Exchange Online archives.
  • Filter certain types of messages, including voicemail
  • Uses modern authentication.
  • Supports Enterprise Vault 10 through 14.