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complete search capabilities

Are you searching for a specific user’s email data? As an end user, are you looking to search for your own messages without having to call upon the IT department? Do you need to export targeted data, but are struggling with pulling the entire journal?

Enterprise Vault has an impressive 64-bit indexing engine which makes it possible to add some very useful capabilities on top of the features that come with the product.  We at Vault Solutions have been building products to empower Enterprise Vault end users and administrators for 10 years.

With Vault Solutions Archive Accelerator Search capabilities, users can directly and securely search journal or SMTP archives – restricting access to only those messages they have sent or received. Users can view all messages – even those deleted or yet to be archived. These tools free up your IT department to focus on more pressing issues, and more complex eDiscovery requests.

In addition, we can make it much easier for administrators to export from journal archives only the data for select individuals (or custodians).  This greatly reduces the time it take to respond so simple requests such as needing the email for a few people over a given amount of time for the journal archives.

Products: Archive Accelerator Enterprise Search and Archive Accelerator Export