Archive Accelerator
Legal Hold Manager

Get valuable insights and a holistic view of all legal hold cases across the business with an easy-to-use visual dashboard with Legal Hold Manager.

Archive Accelerator Legal Hold Manager uses Veritas Discovery Accelerator (DA) to place holds on data stored in Enterprise Vault archives. With this streamlined integration, cases created with Legal Hold Manager can also be managed through DA.

Legal Hold Manager provides an API for integration with third-party legal hold software or a customer’s own internal automation. This maximizes efficiency and allows for continued use of existing applications and processes.


Legal Hold Manager’s modern web interface provides a global view of the status of all your cases, making them easier to manage across multiple Discovery Accelerator databases.

Evergreen Hold

Legal Hold Manager supports scheduled searches for custodians on evergreen hold. We create recurring searches to pick up any new messages that were created since the hold was put on hold in the first place. This ensures any new data will be captured and given the appropriate hold.


Key Features:

  • Automate creation of thousands of cases in Discovery Accelerator (DA)
  • Support for multiple DA customer databases
  • Central view of DA cases across all DA servers and databases
  • Dramatically reduces manpower required to place thousands of custodians on legal hold
  • Uses throttling to avoid taxing the Enterprise Vault and DA environment
  • Provides an API for third-party integration to enable seamless automation


Streamline placing legal holds on hundreds or thousands of custodians with Legal Hold Manager!