partner faq

What Sets Vault Solutions LLC Apart?
We’re a solutions provider like no other. For more than 15 years we’ve been committed to helping our customers unlock the power of VeritasTM Enterprise Vault technology. Our job is to support customers with a comprehensive array of products and services specifically designed to meet the evolving requirements of their Veritas archiving and information management deployments. In addition to products currently in our price book, we’ll happily develop custom solutions (or add features to existing offerings) to meet specific customer demands.

Why Should We Sell Your Products?

Vault Solutions’ products truly unlock the power of Veritas Enterprise Vault. Adding value to a wide range of message archiving systems, we provide resellers with the unique opportunity to accelerate their Veritas offerings. Our products also give resellers the opportunity to up-sell when offering other e-mail archiving technology – increasing overall commission through newly added value.

Do You Provide Lead Registration?
Yes! We permit resellers to register a lead for up to 90 days. If the lead is actively being pursued Vault Solutions may even extend this window.

How Are Your Products Priced?
We are very competitively priced, generally per server and per mailbox. Some offerings are priced per TB.

Does Your Software Require Additional Services to Install and Configure?
In most cases our software can be installed and configured in a one-hour WebEx session. Alternatively, Vault Solutions offers the option for one of our expert staff members – or partners – to conduct the installation on-site.

Do You Offer Custom Solutions?
Definitely! Most of our solutions were developed to meet a specific customer requirement. Quite often we’ll add new features to our flagship “Archive Accelerator” products to match evolving business needs.

How Scalable is Your Software?
All of our products are designed to scale to the largest enterprise environments. Designed to match the architecture of Veritas Enterprise Vault, our “Archive Accelerator” product consists of multi-threaded Windows services. These can be installed on multiple servers, yet managed via a central management console.

How is Your Software Written?
We’ve written 99 percent of our software on Microsoft C# utilizing the Microsoft.NET Framework.

What Versions of VERITAS Enterprise Vault Do You Support?
All versions - beginning with V6.0 SP3 - are supported by Vault Solutions.

What Are your Hardware Requirements?
Typically our software is installed directly on the Veritas Enterprise Vault Server so we require no additional hardware. It is also possible to deploy the software on a separate server or separate servers, which can be virtual machines.

Are You a Veritas Technology Enabled Partner?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being a longstanding member of the Technology Partner Program, previously with Symantec and now with Veritas.