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office 365 migration

Migration: Looking for an email migration tool to help move your archived data to Microsoft Office 365?

Many enterprises are moving to the cloud with Microsoft’s Office 365 which has the capacity to store much more data per mailboxes, or even unlimited data in some cases.  An Enterprise Vault migration is possible with our software ideally suited to move your data directly to Office 365.

Product: Archive Accelerator Restore

Archiving: Use Enterprise Vault to archive Office 365 data!

By itself, Enterprise Vault does not officially support Office 365 for mailbox archiving. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. By using the combination of Enterprise Vault SMTP Journaling and Archive Accelerator Enterprise Search, you can effectively provide end user access to archived data in Enterprise Vault, with a significant cost savings.

This gives you significant advantages over other cloud based archiving options, including the ability to keep your data where you want it/need it (such as in your datacenter, or at least in your country), and the ability to uses Enterprise Vault’s world class e-Discovery and Compliance applications.

Products: Archive Accelerator Enterprise Search and Archive Accelerator Restore